Hi and welcome to the first ever post on SickeningGlasgow. This is the one stop shop for everything you need to know about the drag scene in Glasgow. The city is brimming with amazing drag talent and SickeningGlasgow is here to guide you through the glitz, glamour and sickening beauty that the queens of the city have to offer. Each week we will be profiling a different queen, probing her until she spills the T. We will also be reviewing performances and promoting upcoming club nights to ensure you are kept up to date with all the drag goings on.


Every month we will be hosting an ‘Open Pen’ which allows aspiring writers to submit a piece of their work to be featured on the website. It is open to anyone and can be on any topic, we only ask that it is between 800-1000 words long and relates (directly or indirectly) to the LGBT community. Other than that you have free reign to use your creativity to submit a sickening piece of work.

Please submit all work to  sickeningglasgow@yahoo.co.uk

Keep up with all the sickening goings on via our social media sites:



Instagram – @sickeningglasgow

Snapchat – Sickeningglasgo

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