Sickening Interview with Alana Duvey

Meet the amazingly talented and sickening Alana Duvey, Glasgow’s most loveable queen on the scene!!!

Your drag name is Alana Duvey how did you come up with the name?

Well anyone who knows my boy counterpart (AKA Boylana) will know that my drag name is hardly imaginative, it’s basically my boy name tweaked a little to make it a bit more fabulous!  What many may not know is that my name went through a few of stages before Alana Duvey.  I was always Alana but first I was Alana Del Rey taking inspiration from a certain sultry American singer.  I changed it slightly to Alana Del Gay, then Alana Del Vey as I thought Alana Del Rey was a little too similar to big Lana.  Obviously so were the other names.  That’s when I decided to go with Alana Duvet but dropped the ‘t’ and replaced it with a ‘y’ so not to remind everyone to change their bed sheets anytime I’m out and about.

What three words describe Alana?

Oooohh now that’s a humdinger!  I think I’m too much of a chatterbox to say just 3 but, I’ll try.  I think I’d say Alana Duvey is Friendly, Frumpy and Fun.

When did you start doing drag?

I still see myself as very new to the drag scene.  The first ever time I was in drag was a random drunken night in my house with my other half, my sisterbae, Dharma Geddon and she decided it would be fun to paint my face and she made me look great.  She’s very talented with the ol’ paint and brushes.  The first time I officially decided to start doing drag was on 11th Apr 2015 where Alana came out to see Bendelacreme at Menergy in AXM, Glasgow.  Bendela is a huge inspiration of mine and she was just smashballs at Menergy!  She said I looked good at the Meet n’ Greet, she must’ve thought I looked like a busted mess!  I also met my non-biological drag twinsie that night, the gothy but lovely CarrieAnn Crow who also made her drag debut that night and we bonded over that.

Who or what influences your drag and why?

Well I mentioned one just a moment ago but my first experience of drag was when Dharma sat me down to watch the first episode of Season 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.  Believe it or not, up until then I was terrified of drag queens!  I’ll admit, we watched the first episode and I still wasn’t too into it, so we watched some more and I quickly got hooked.  Instantly Latrice Royale stood out for me.  I loved how friendly and approachable she was.  She showed me that drag queens aren’t all scary.  She’s stunning and sickeningly talented to boot!  I grew to love the bond between Sharon Needles, Chad Michaels and Latrice.  I could listen to the 3 of them just giving advice on Untucked all day.  I guess I’m influenced by the friendlier gurls and the ones with a bit of a shtick I love a good shtick.  For example the ones mentioned earlier and the likes of Tammie Brown, Manila Luzon, Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, Katya Zamolodchikova and Jinkx Monsoon.  One Drag Race queen who I take inspiration from who I believe is very under rated is Mrs. Kasha Davis!  That gurl is talented and hilarious!!  I could probably go on all day with this question.  We haven’t even got to queens closer to home like Cheddar Gorgeous, Anna Phylactic, Davina DiCampo, Meth and Queens Of Pop. Their creativity and humour are everything.  I’m definitely inspired by some of our local gurls Lacy Rain, October Fist, Charlize De Werk and of course Dharma. I find them all very inspirational.  They’re friendly, funny and welcoming.  What’s not to love?  Dharma inspires me every day to be a better queen, her looks are always sickening and her imagination and concepts for performances are unreal!  Plus she can out-dance just about anyone her moves are always on fleek, whereas I have 2 left feet!  Alana’s in it for the fun and all these gurl’s are certainly fun!  I’ll shut up now… Apologies for anyone I might have missed, I did say I could go on all day with this question and that I’m quite the chatter box when I get going so I’ll finish with this little statement I believe is true, all the Glasgow gurls bring something a little different to the table, there’s no 2 of us the same which is always refreshing and inspiring, you could pick something from each of them.  I’ll shut up now!

How long do you spend doing your makeup?

Oh god!  You don’t want to know!  If you knew how long it took me, you’d be baffled at how I still manage to look so busted most of the time!

Alana knows how to mug for the camera. She is  painted for the Yes Gawds in this photo. Loving the short hair – looks sickening, Alana!!

You and the amazing Dharma Gheddon have started a web series on Dharma’s YouTube channel. For anyone who hasn’t seen it tell us all about it?

Aw I love our wee show ’60 Minute Gayme Over’.  Dharma and I love playing video games in our spare time and we’d been thinking of trying to incorporate that into our drag somehow and this is the result.  We do only have 1 episode under our belts.  The premise of the show is that we play the first hour of a video game, have some banter along the way, with some fun wee adverts and little nods to local queens thrown in there to look out for.  My role in the show is the co-host and to provide a bit more of the comic relief while Dharma gets all serious playing the game.  We are planning a wee special for episode 2 at the moment to be uploaded within the coming weeks so stay tuned!!  Oh, speaking of video games, I recently created a level on Mario Maker for the Wii U called ‘There Must Be Another Way’ if you’ve got it you should give it a go, it’s my first one so it’s pretty easy.  The code to search is 6286-0000-009B-89ED.

Head over to YouTube and tune into 60 Minute Gayme Over with the forever sickening Alana Duvey and Dharma Gheddon

You recently performed a sickening lipsynch performance of Defying Gravity at MotherTucker in Katies Bar.  When and where will your next performance be?

That Mothertucker performance was EVERYTHING!  I really think Dharma and I created something special that night, especially Dharma.  She was just stunning.  It was so last minute as well.  We had been up till about 03:30am that morning making Dharma’s dress and I was rushing about after my work that day to get an outfit and shoes.  Same with Dharma on her lunch break getting her hat etc.  We had drunkenly chatted about doing it a few times and had a couple of daft little lip syncs in my living room but, I never thought for a second we were actually going to do it so soon and to the scale we did it!  I’m so glad October and Rujazzle were willing to help us out with it.  Have to give them a wee thank you!  I won’t give too much away about it just search for Dharma Geddon’s page on YouTube and you’ll find some of our performances including Defying Gravity.  As positive as Alana is, Boylana is my own worst critic and I just can’t help but wish my makeup was a LOT better and my cheap last minute store bought costume that ripped during the car journey from East Kilbride to Katie’s Bar, Glasgow was a lot better but, the performance itself went down a storm and I guess that’s the main thing.  I can’t wait to get the opportunity to do it again!  With regards to my next performance, I did one on Thurs night (22nd Oct) at Chalky’s Late Night Lounge.  I made my Edinburgh debut that night, travelling through with Lacy Rain, October Fist and Ann Phetamine.  I performed ‘Your Makeup Is Terrible’ by Alaska.  I had an absolute blast and was definitely serving my best face EVER!  God knows how I managed it!  Watch out for a new episode of ‘Lacy Drives’ from that night hitting her YouTube channel at some point.  In regards to performances coming up, you can look out for me making a return to Edinburgh for Alice Rabbit’s night The Rabbit Hole at CC Blooms on Tues 03rd Nov 2015.  I’ll also be performing alongside loads of other very talented individuals at the first of CarrieAnn Crow’s new night Trigger on Thurs 26th Nov 2015 at the Classic Grand, Glasgow.  I’m very excited to be performing at The Rabbit Hole and the launch of what I think will be a great new club night.  You can always keep up with my whereabouts by following me on social media.  I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Vine, just search for ‘alanaduvey’.

If you could only lipsynch to one song for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

This must be the hardest question yet!  There’s SOOOO many songs out there, how do you pick just one?  I guess all I could say is that both Alana and Boylana LOVE a bit of Anastacia so anything by her I’d try my best to lip sync the house down boots okurr yes gawd every time!  I performed one of her songs ‘Stupid Little Things’ at Lacy Rain’s Intoxicating Tea Party on 16th Sept 2015, but I’d do any song of hers any day of the week!  Or any good ol’ late 80’s/90’s cheese!

If you take your first pets name and your mum’s maiden name you get your porn name. What’s yours?

HA!!  Socks McLatchie!  What a legend she’d be…

And finally, in honour of my obsession with Toddlers and Tiaras I have a pageant question for you. if you could have one wish come true, what would it be?

To win the Lottery!!  Well, besides that and the other obvious answers like becoming a World famous actor (Boylana has been doing Amdram with EK Rep Theatre Club in his spare time for years).  Ever seen him as an extra in the movie ‘Miss Potter’ starring Renee Zelwegger, the odd episode of River City, Rebus or Gary Tank Commander?  Watch and see if you can spot him.  But, I guess if I were to get all serious about it, I’d wish for all gay boys and girls (and all others within the LGBTIQ+ community) to not ever need to even ‘come out’ and be able to just be who they are without even a blink of an eye from others.  For it to just be completely ‘normal’ and to not ever have to face the homophobia/abuse etc from anyone, especially from those they love the most.  That still exists even in this day and age.  It’s something I know quite well and I sometimes feel a lot of people think the world is totally accepting now and it’s all ok what with gay marriage being legal now etc. but for so many, myself included, it’s still not and that makes me sad.  Oh and World peace!


Would you rather never use the Internet again or never watch TV again?

I guess never watch TV again coz if I had the Internet I can get my TV fix through that


Would you rather be able to stop time or fly?

Oooohh toughy, I’ve always wanted to be able to fly.  I think stopping time could be more fun.  I WANNA BE AN X-MAN!  I WANNA FLY! AND STOP TIME!  Think for now I’ll say fly but ask me any time and my answer would probably change.  I can’t think about these things too much or I’ll get depressed at the fact the likes of Mutants, Superheroes, Pokemon etc aren’t actually real.  Imagine how awesome life would be if they were, seriously sit back and have a think.

Would you rather have it be constant summer or constant winter?

Summer me thinks, as much as I love the autumn leaves and Christmas snow, you just can’t beat the happy sunny weather of summer and also TAPS AFF!!

Simpsons or Family Guy?

Anyone who knows me would know of my encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Simpsons and how creepy I am with it!  I do love Family Guy and pretty much all animated comedies too though but it has to be The Simpsons.

McDonalds or Burger King?

Another toughy!  McD’s maybe?  They’re both terrible for you but I’m hardly the poster gurl for healthy eating!

Be sure to check out Alana performing in Edinburgh for ‘The Rabbit Hole’ at CC Blooms on Tues 03rd Nov and Trigger on Thurs 26th Nov 2015 at the Classic Grand, Glasgow 

Head over to YouTube to watch the brand spanking new episode of 60 Minute Gayme Over being released for HALLOWEEN!!!

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