Sickening Interview with Bruise

Meet Bruise, one of Glasgow’s newest and most sickening queens.

Your drag name is Bruise how did you come up with the name?

Well I had been trying to figure out a name for myself for a month or so trying to find something that connected with my drag and then the name Bruise hit me (If you pardon the pun) I chose it because Bruises are different overtime and so am I, I am always evolving my look and I will leave you with an impact.

When did you start doing drag?

I started my drag at the start of 2015, I studied Contemporary Art Practice and in my third year I wanted to add gender into my art and express myself more with expanding my palette. I thought “what way better than to use myself as an art piece and use makeup and other things to expand it?”. It’s also been an amazing way to help with my nerves and anxiety. At the start of the year I couldn’t even leave the house to go to a club or go out at night because I was so nervous and anxious and always over thought about what would happen, for instance, what would happen if I got stabbed or muted. Just silly things going over in my head but my drag has truly helped me. If you had told me when I turned 18 that not only would I be going out in a club never mind in drag I would have laughed in your face but it has honestly helped me and is helping me now because I am now 100% not nervous.

Who or what influences you and why?

My drag / style influences are a lot of contemporary art movements and modern art and the way it is perceived and shown and also a lot of UK-based queens and US Queens my main ones are Smiley Vyrus, Lawrence Chaney, Biblegirl666, Atlantis, Milk, Mathu Anderson, Boulet Brothers, Duo Raw, Lill, Anna Phylactic, Kim Chi, They are all my main ones because of their style and makeup.

What three words describe Bruise?

Custom, Bold & Primitive.

I’m absolutely obsessed with your merchandise. Where can I buy one?

Thank you! You can purchase my t-shirts at they ship internationally and are affordable with more designs coming soon!

886055_988082947921294_1311436373130690046_o copy
Bruise strutting her stuff at The Munter Games #sickening photo credit: Simon Crawford

You performed at the Munter Games at Menergy on 31st October. Tell us about your performance and what inspired your look?

Well lets just say I don’t ever want to look back at my performance, I hated it I am glad it was a group performance and not a solo, I was sloppy and messy and very nervous, It was really fun and liberating to me though, I didn’t really practice or rehearse for it either because I wasn’t passionate about the song, with my future performances I will obviously pick the song and the performance I want to perceive and I think it will go a lot better than, As for my look I wanted something a little trashy to go with the song which was Gimme More by Britney Spears.

When and where will you be performing next?

I really don’t know I hope its very soon though you’ll just have to watch out and see!

Who was your favourite RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant from Season 7 and why?

MAX. I connected with Max the most out of the whole season because she has found her look and stuck to herself and came across the nicest and very caring.

If you could mop (steal) from another queen’s wardrobe who would it be? 

I would have to say Smiley Vyrus’s because she just gets it right every time!

This queen has left a massive bruise on my arm…and I hope it never heals!!!

Be Beyonce or Lada Gaga for a day?

GAGA all the way.

Get up early or stay up late?

Get up early.

Coffee or tea?

Tea, tea, tea!

Square sausage or link sausage?

… Both….

Cats or dogs?

Dogs I really don’t like Cats.

For more sickening photos, news and goings on for Bruise follow her:

Facebook Bruise

Twitter @originalbruise

Instagram @OriginalBruise

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