Trigger Thursdays Launch Party

This is an order to stop what you’re doing and buy a ticket for this sickening event immediately!!! Be sure to keep Thursday 26th November clear in your calendars for a sickening night being held in the Classic Grand on Jamaica Street, Glasgow. The TRIGGER Launch Party is a night being organised by CarrieAnn Crow and Sean Gallogley. SickeningGlasgow caught up with CarrieAnn to find out all the sickening details of the launch party.

Tell us why you decided to create TRIGGER Thursdays?

I wanted to create an event in Glasgow that is completely different to anything available in Glasgow’s queer scene. I feel like the LGBT+ community and the alternative community share many of the same roots. When I was growing up I didn’t know any LGBT+ people who didn’t (to some degree) identify as ‘alternative’. Both scenes are ones that champion individuality, but I know a lot of people who actively avoid going out on the gay scene because they feel like you still need to adhere to a particular kind of behaviour, style or dress sense. I want to create a space where everyone come along and feel like they can be themselves.

I’m also a musician, first and foremost. I wanted to provide a platform for creative individuals, from any background to come along and express themselves. I know so many talented people who have conditioned themselves to work and perform for nothing other than the privilege of performing. I want people to see that TRIGGER is an event that’s here to reward creative people who are willing to work.

The location is also important too. TRIGGER will be taking place at The Classic Grand, right in the heart of the city centre, on Jamaica street, while many of the gay clubs in the city are tucked away in one corner of the city, we’re trying to pull a part of Glasgow’s queer scene out of the Merchant City. The Classic Grand is a reputed live music venue, and renowned for hosting burlesque and alternative events, so while what we do at TRIGGER will be completely different, the setting just feels right for what we will be providing.


Who will be performing at Trigger?

We’ve got a fantastic line up for the launch night. We’ve got some of Glasgow’s best drag acts. Mothertucker’s  Lacy Rain will be debuting music from her upcoming EP. Both Fran’s Gender and Menergy’s Miss Tess Tosterone will be singing live with live music. Glasgow’s queen of imitation, Lawrence Chaney will be serving something ‘conservative’ and new inductee to Menergy’s Muntorage and my goth sister Ann Phetimine will be there representing the Haus of Diamond. Glasgow drag power couple Alana Duvey and Dharma Geddon, will be turning it out too. The sensational Deano Monsoon and Charly Houston will be treating us to some fantastic live music. We’ll also have Icon Award’s Entertainer of the Year 2015, Ross Cleland, otherwise known as VolcanicAsh. So it’s a really diverse group we have to launch the event.


Will there be any sickening surprises that you can give us an exclusive on?

Nothing that I can say too much about at the moment, sadly. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements on the TRIGGER page at


Will TRIGGER Thursdays be a weekly event?

TRIGGER is the start of something big, not only for Glasgow’s LGBT+ or alternative community, but for the creative industries in Glasgow, so keep your ear to the ground for things to come. It will be a regular event, but it wont be weekly. The next event will either be late December or early January.


Will there be resident performers for future events?

Well TRIGGER is dedicated to the spirit of community. There wont be resident performers who will be performing at every event, as we are looking to have as diverse a repertoire of performers as possible, but everyone who turns it out on the TRIGGER stage will be more than welcome to come back.


Who will be performing at the next event?

I haven’t confirmed any acts for upcoming events. Everything is still just in discussion stages, but I’ve got a lot of people who are eager to help out at TRIGGER. A few bands and artists dotted around the UK who are very keen to take part.


Where can we buy tickets for the event?

You can get you tickets on the doors or at  our ticket site Tickets are just £5 and the event will be running from 7pm to 11pm on Thursday the 26th which is great value, especially considering the amazing acts that we’re showcasing.

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