Suck Wednesdays @ Delmonica’s

I have a confession to make, we here at SickeningGlasgow love a mid week suck…Suck Wednesdays at Delmonica’s that is.  Suck is a weekly drag event hosted by Glasgow’s leading ladies Rujazzle, Lacy Rain, October Fist and Perry Cyazine. Packed full of dazzling performances by the resident ladies, Suck also features weekly guest drag artists who blow up the stage with amazing talent, looks and lip syncing skills.

My first piece of advice is MAKE SURE YOU GET A FRONT ROW SEAT, believe me you DO NOT want to miss any of the sickening antics. My second piece of advice is EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!!! Whether its Lacy Rain dropping chocolate sponge into your pint (chocolate sponge and lager is my new diet drink – patent pending!!!) or Rujazzle dressed as the sexiest MILF you’ve ever seen while changing baby Lacy and spanking her for being a bad girl, the ladies sure know how to put on a fabulous show.

SUCK 03-02-16_042
Lacy Rain has been a bad girl!! Photo credit: Simon Crawford


On Wednesday (3rd February) the show’s hostesses were Rujazzle and Lacy Rain, while Alana Duvey and Dharma Geddon, Glasgow’s fiercest drag power couple, took to the stage as the guest performers to fight it out in a fierce lip sync battle royale. Trust me folks when they call it a battle – they mean it!! Both girls slayed with their performances, however the audience chose Alana as the overall winner. Werk Alana!!!


SUCK 03-02-16_035
Let the lip sync battle commence!! Photo credit: Simon Crawford

SickeningGlasgow was in tow with the amazingly talented Simon Crawford who snapped every lip movement and eyelash flutter for you to feast your eyes on.  Checkout the sickening photos below!!!

Catch all the action every Wednesday night from 9pm @ Delmonica’s, 68 Virginia Street, Glasgow. And just remember folks, from now on, Wednesdays Suck!!

Article: Gordon Penman

Photo credits by Crawford

To see more of Crawford’s work and for bookings check him out on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram



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