SickeningGlasgow Favourite Things

This week we will be focussing on our great city of Glasgow as the basis for our favourite things. Find an array of upcoming events, videos of performances from local queens and photos of our amazing city that have captured our attention this week.

Beat the Bush @ The Poetry Club, Saturday 5th March

Click on the Beat the Bush title above to hear a sample of their playlist. Trust me doing squats to this playlist made them a whole lot easier!!



Queens On Vodka

Hosted by the sickening Jessica Diamond and Ann Phetimine. Check it out for all the Glasgow gossip.

60 Minute Gayme Over

For all you gaymers out there don’t miss a minute of this little gem hosted by Glasgow drag power couple Dharma Geddon and Alana Duvey

Sam Reece Live @ AXM, Saturday 12th March

Tickets available by clicking this link: Sam Reece@AXM


The Artwork of local legend Smug


Charlize’s Fashion Corner

Have you ever wanted to read a queen for her look but been too polite to say anything? Well fear not, Charlize De Werk is on hand to say what most of us are thinking. Will it be a LEKKER or a KAK?

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