Queer Theory Pre Show Interview

Are you free Wednesday 20th of April from 7.30-11pm? We here at Sickening Glasgow are and we will be heading straight to Nice n Sleazys new event Queer Theory! Being organised in part by Dean “Darkie” Cargill from Glasgow’s own Black Doves we here at Sickening caught up with him to find out all about Queer Theory.


Tell us why you decided to create Queer Theory?

I took the name from my band Black Doves’ album ‘An Introduction to Queer Theory’ which we are currently mixing. I wanted to put on a night with other like-minded acts who are doing things I find interesting, exciting and queer.


The queer manifesto how important to you is that message?

I think queer culture should be fighting to bring greater freedom to everyone. It should break down the ideas that men/women have to act or dress a certain way according to their gender. It should challenge the mainstream, the elite, the patriarchy.


Bibi June


Will it be a weekly event?

No it will be more sporadic, maybe once every couple of months. To be honest I’ve been focused on the launch and haven’t set a date for the follow-up yet.



So you’re bringing poetry to the stage in Glasgow what made you do this and not go down the club route?

I want Queer Theory to be varied. I want to make people dance, laugh and think in the one night. Bibi June and Canelle Irmas, who are both performing, make really interesting social observations in their poetry and, as well as being entertaining, will definitely make people think!


Tell us a bit about some of the performers?

Apart from my own band Black Doves, we have two other alternative music artists – Ichi Pinks and Merlin Nova. Ichi Pinks are an electronic trio featuring synths, live percussion, and vocals by frontwoman ‘Beige Bitch. Their sound reminds me of The Knife and they always put on a great live show Merlin Nova is an electronic singer and performance artist. The first time I watched Merlin live she performed a collection of songs about birds. Each track discussed a different bird, incorporating audio of the bird singing and footage of the bird projected onto the wall. Merlin is a great performer and I’m looking forward to seeing what she’s got prepared for Wednesday We have a couple of performance artists appearing too with a sea-life theme. Craig Manson is appearing as Selkie (a seal-like creature) and Yasmin Mawer will be a misfortune-telling mermaid.

Catch the Black Doves perform at Queer Theory on Wednesday Photo by Daniel Hughes

Any fun surprises on the night?

If you’re after fun surprises I would volunteer to take part in Callum’s gameshow ‘How Gay Do You Think You Are?’ He will definitely keep you on your toes!

Merlin Nova

I see you are doing games throughout the night, any special prizes?

Our star prize is a bottle of lube Drag cabaret poetry and live music

Do you have any ideas for further shows and can creatives in Glasgow approach you for a slot?

I think the format is completely open to any kind of performer as long as they’re doing something interesting. If you want to get involved in a future night email me at yingyangdove@gmail.com



Where do we get tickets?

It’s £5 on the door

Queer Theory, Wednesday 20th of April from 7.30-11pm? Nice n Sleazys, 421 Sauchiehall Street, G2 3LG Glasgow

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