Queer Theory Event Review

On Wednesday the 20th of April Nice n Sleazy’s played host to Queer Theory, a collection of music, cabaret and poetry all brought together under one roof to celebrate all that is Queer in the world. The night opened with Bibi June  who’s poetry started the proceedings with thought provoking and inspiring spoken word art.

Photo by Crawford

Bibi’s  pieces contrasted well with the next spoken word artist dressed with a cute bow tie and swept out fringe Canelle Irmas came to stage and read about the awkwardness of youth and discovering ones self away from home, what it is to break out and become truly yourself, falling in and out of love as only youth can, bringing a sense of self to the show linking every person in the room with her struggles while celebrating all that is queer and slightly odd in the world. All the time screaming that bowties are cool!


Photo by Crawford

After Canelle’s performance, things took a completely different route via the next few acts on stage; in a ball of floating organza and energy, reminding ourselves of a cross between Bubbles from AbFab and bJORK! came Merlin Nova whose energy and mix of vocals with electro synth took the audience on a sensory journey, mixing performance art and music to create a truly unique experience. Bringing a clash of vocals, a mega phone and heart racing blend of Electro to explore the concept of modern relevance and singular identity in the modern world in a truly individual and ear shattering way that truly left an impact on the audience.

Photo by Crawford

Next to the stage was a truly awesome macabre cabaret experience in the form of Disenchanted – The Misfortune Teller a mermaid out of her depth escorted by two hardened slave drivers purely for your entertainment delivering nautical ill fates to those who dared have their fortunes read by this enchanting creature from the deep.


This coupled with Selkie finished the persona procession of the night; Selkie half man half seal who’s dark black eyes and silver paint truly caught the audience unaware with his grasp of english and honest questions asking simple things that under any circumstance would have been easy to answer unless they did come from a naked seal man; with SickeningGlasgows own photographer being caught unaware by the very blunt question of “Would you have Sex with me?” caused moments of hilarity and also awkwardness as trying to find somewhere to look that didn’t get you an eyeful.


Black Doves brought more musicality to the night in a camp filled fun performance from the five peice band with the fierce Jamie Black leading the ensemble clad in a gold sequin cape and black lace top singing about his passion for fashion; a celebration of Glasgow synth music performed with queer passion and flare that sucked the audience in. The music itself a true work of synthetic magic truly enchanting the audience and bringing them under Black Doves spell.

How Gay Do You Think You Are?, the game show by host Callum Mccloud, called for a bit of audience participation asking tongue in cheek queer questions about queer politics and our favourite speed dating round making us miss the days before Grindr, the advent of the dick pic and cheesy one liners and seductive whispering were the go too. His truly British humour adding just the extra camp kick to the night, offering us the chance to laugh at the misfortune of others.

Photo by Crawford


The night was rounded off by the Ichi Pinks another experimental band; mixing precision vocals, percussion, synth and video together to create an audio visual sensory experience. Yet most intriguing was the fly made of scrap metal and house hold utensils that the second song was dedicated to, a truly unique experience hearing an ode to a fly and the life it didn’t live. Although still falling into the electro style of the night we found ourselves dancing around a bit to the more club kid vibe they were giving off adding something a little different to the night and an excellent uplifting way to end an excellent show.

Queer Theory in five words; Experimental, provoking, artistic, musical, insane. And we at sickening Glasgow can’t wait for the next one.

Head over to the Queer Theory Facebook page to stay informed of future events

By Sean Gallogley

Photos by Crawford

More Queer Theory photos available at SickeningGlasgow


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