Meet Sean Cosgrove of Pipeworks Gym

Hi my name is Sean Cosgrove and I am a new contributor to SickeningGlasgow. Below is an interview that I did last year that sums up who I am. I run the Pipeworks Gym from my home address until renovations are completed at the Pipeworks sauna in Glasgow where my gym will be relocated. I train people on a daily basis for their gym exercises, mobility, diet coaching and general lifestyle habits. I will be posting articles on here about common misconceptions, diet and health tips, my opinion on health and fitness matters and anything that I feel the SickeningGlasgow readers would benefit from hearing. If you would like to contact me about an article or something diet and fitness related get me on;



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Our past experiences ultimately create who we become later in life; these experiences are either motivating or feared, but either way, we are driven forward. Sean Cosgrove, a body builder, model, and gym owner from Glasgow, Scotland, is one who is highly motivated by his past; a past that later altered who he was in mind and body.

Last year was actually his ten year anniversary since he began his fitness journey, but where did it begin?

Sean Cosgrove grew up in a family of health related diseases: such as obesity. Not only did he grow up in such an atmosphere, but he was also overweight for the majority of his younger life. His close family were also overweight due to the way they ate; binge eating. In fact, binge eating is a very real habit and hard to kick.

Sean began to notice how bad his knees were due to a muscle imbalance, his obesity made the situation worse to where his mother decided for him to go see a doctor. The doctor recommended an odd solution; he told him to perform squats, like those seen in a gym. This was his first contact with any form of fitness at which he excelled at. From this point, Sean began powerlifting before he later entered the Royal Navy.

Sean Cosgrove was only 17 years old when he entered this branch of military, but it paid off as he lost a tremendous amount of weight. 6 months into his military career, Sean began to realize how unsupported he was by the Royal Navy in regards to his healthy life style. The diet, exercise, and mentality Sean encompassed were neglected by the Navy, and he decided to leave.

From this point, Sean Cosgrove spend the next few years’ self-studying and pursued a bodybuilding styled goal of an immense physique. This continued until he entered Glasgow Kelvin College with a fitness related study. His powerlifting career ended, and his body building one had just begun.

The transformation of mind and body would only begin as he would push the envelope in his fitness career.

His love for fitness only intensified as he realized his new goal in life: to eradicate diet related diseases such as Diabetes, and Obesity. In 2016, Sean will graduate from Glasgow Kelvin College and pursue a career in fitness and health the main focus on helping those that want to change their ways before its too late.

His goal carried him to create his very own gym, PipeWorksGym, in the attempt to better the lives of those around him. From his own experience, he knew exactly how to diet and exercise to lose mass quantities of weight and become as fit as you would want to be. After Sean’s 10-year anniversary, he switched to working out to attain a fit and healthy life style, on the contrary to building mass.

As I interviewed Sean, he made it clear that his main focus was in diet and nutrition. He prefers to work with people who do not exercise already, as those people are the ones who need help the most; his career goal is to help everyone, not just a select group.

Sean was inspired by his former unhealthy life style, and he has become an inspirational figure because of it. When discussing this, his words were, “Truly inspirational people don’t try to be inspirational, but show inspiration through action.”

The alteration that took place within Sean Cosgrove’s mind and body is one that has created a better man. He encourages others in partake in this change, and discover who they are.

He continues to emphasize that Health is our greatest asset, so we must take good care of it. As of June, Sean has actually had 13 clients which he continues to work with. To those clients, and many more, he addresses the fact that we should all enjoy our life now, and that means doing so in a healthy manner that we can feel good about.


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