When achieving a physique or living a healthy lifestyle the sections of your life that are important in order: rest, nutrition, activity. (This is of course the smallest version of this list that does not include social requirements and entertainment etc).

By rest it refers to both sleep and to stress management, stress in terms of all forms such as pollution, exercise, emotional as well as working hours etc

What strategies do you employ to maximise on rest/recovery?

My rest/recovery schedule:
I dedicate a whole day to rest, on Sundays I avoid any form of physical or mental strain.

If you have had training sessions with me, you will know that I teach you to listen to your body. This is a continuous process and a daily assessment, I listen to my body and mind and know when to back off and when to go balls to the walls. This refers to all areas of life, professional development, gym life, relationships, activities I’m taking part in and so on.

In the gym; as mentioned I listen to my body so i know when to back off, this means having a de-load week every few weeks or so. Im at the stage where I don’t “need motivation” to go to the gym, for me it has become a weekly habit so going to the gym has become what brushing their teeth or having sex is to most, I don’t need a reason as its part of my routine, its part of who I am. Once you get to this stage (which may only take a few weeks) its important to know when not to go lift, this is your body letting you know it needs rest. I’ve injured myself twice in the 11+ years of lifting and both times were due to me going for an intense work out when my body said no. (If you are a beginner, dont listen to your body when it says no lol, just do it).

I also have a full body massage 1 – 2 per month, foam roll preferably twice per week, warm up and cool down for every session, do active recovery not just from the gym but from life, this may be in the form of warming up as i would for a gym session and then just simply cooling down and also by playing a skill toy such as Kendama.

These are the strategies I employ for recovery, this list does not include what I do for mental recovery. I may post about that at a later date.

What do you do for rest/recovery? Comment below…

Article by Sean Cosgrove




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