This post is in relation to the habit based approach coaching that I provide and was inspired by sports and gadget magazines. This layout is called an everydaycarry and you can see other examples on the website everydaycarry.com. Here is my everydaycarry. Feel free to share yours.

1. Natural Kaizen Kendama from kendamausa.com for around £30. Alternatively, something similar from sunrise, or royal Kendama or a silk Terra Pill from Terra Kendama. I have been playing this skill toy every day since March this year (2016). It’s great for increasing patience, persistence, dexterity and active recovery among other things.
Natural Kaizen Kendama from kendamausa.com

Natural Kaizen Kendama

2. GA-100 G-Shock watch by Casio. Available from Amazon and Argos around £50. Alternatively, Casio W-86 Illuminator £10 – £20. I got the G-Shock from a random guy and its one of my favourite watches although I sometimes prefer the smaller Illuminator as it’s an absolute classic and is much smaller.

GA-100 G Shock watch by Casio

3. Papermate Inkjoy 100 1.0 M, pack of 10 for <£4. This pen is not marketed like a parker or Mont Blanc but I feel that it is superior and at a much more modest price.

Papermate Inkjoy 100

4. House of Marley Positive Vibration Pulse headphones for £30 – £50. Alternatively, Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic £15 – £25. The Marley’s are much more affordable than a pair of Sennheiser or Bose but offer a much better range for listing to my favourite (sub)genre of music; UK hardcore. I will use the Apple EarPods as a back-up and I always chose a headphone/earphone with a mic as I take phone calls regularly.

House of Marley Positive Vibration Puse Headphones

5. Apple IPhone 6 with black hard candy case by Speck around £300 and £10 – £25. I run everything from my IPhone or MacBook Air if I’m in the house, it’s an absolute must have in my line of work and I run my life from the calendar app.

Black Hard Candy iPhone Case by Speck

6. SEEN SNW31 C01 with anti-reflective glass from Vision Express £92 including lenses etc. This is my first pair of glasses that I have been wearing since February of this year. My eyesight is not so bad, I can see the bottom line of the bottom board in the opticians but wearing these things is like having binoculars on, also another reason why I play Kendama as the glasses negatively affected my close range depth perception which playing Kendama has corrected.

Me wearing my SEEN SNW31 C01 glasses

7. Under Armour running gloves with touch screen finger tips <£5. These were bought for me as a gift, I always keep them in my bag.

Under Armour Running Gloves

8. Non-branded beanie hat £2 – £10 from various retailers. I keep this in my bag for 2 reasons; it’s how I keep my Kendama clean from any potential spillages and also as I like to be prepared for the constant weather changes.

9. Non-Branded scarf £2 – £10 from various retailers. This is for potential weather changes but also for dusty environments, it gets used more often than you’d think.

10. Nike Air Max from £90 – £115. Currently my favourite shoe other than a pair of Otomix but they are not so good for outside.

Nike Air Max

11. Non-branded tote bag £1 – £10. This is where I keep my containers of food inside my main bag but is also a back-up bag for when I go food shopping which, when you eat like I do and live in town is all the time.

12. Vonshef glass containers 300 – 500ml. 12 pack for £25. I much prefer glass over plastic as its much easier to clean and hold the temperature cold or hot much better as well as potentially healthier as there are no oestrogen promoting compounds although the lid is still plastic. I almost never leave the house without 2 – 3 meals with me in these containers.

VonShef Glass Containers

13. Non-branded fork, free from College canteen 😃. Pretty self-explanatory. I always chose a plain fork rather than a fancy or multi-material one that requires extra leaning.

14. Non-branded glass jar, £0 recycled from peanut butter etc. This is for holding nuts and seeds, I try not to eat from this and have it only as an emergency back-up. It has saved me from countless situations in the past.

15. VOSS glass bottle 800ml, £2 from Tesco. I prefer glass over plastic for everything as its more hygienic and tastes better.

Voss 800ml Glass Bottle

16. Standard keys for all my steampunk needs.

17. American Psycho card holder for £15 from firebox, filled with PipeworksGym business cards printed by Minuteman Press Glasgow.

18. Ralph Lauren leather wallet from John Lewis for £60. This was a gift as you can tell by the obscene price tag. I like to have a wallet with 2 sections in the main compartment for separating money and longer storage items such as vouchers and tickets. I also like to have a coin pocket there too, this is becoming more and more rare as the years are going on I am finding although I’ve only had 3 wallets in the last 10 years.

19. Eastpak Padded Pak’r Backpack, Black £40 from multiple retailers. As you can tell I always choose functionality and quality over all other aspects, this bag comes with a 30 years’ warranty.

Eastpak Padded Pak’r Backpack

20. I also carry a transparent pencil case from WHSmith £1.99 which holds; scarf, stapler, pens, plasters, surgical tape, spare fork and some other odds and ends, it gets reviewed every so often but some things that I’ve kept in there in the past are; spare battery for phone


By Sean Cosgrove

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