Raven & Jujubee

Friday 24th February AXM Glasgow plays host to the sickening duo Raven & Jujubee. SickeningGlasgow caught up with the gorgeous pair prior to their performances to get the 411 on the evolution of drag since their appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race season 2 and what it was like having to lip sync against one another on AllStars season 1.

SickeningGlasgow: Do you guys have any idea the buzz that’s around Glasgow because Rujubee are coming to perform in AXM Glasgow??

Raven – I honestly have no idea!!! I am hoping there is quite the buzz! I am super excited to FINALLY be coming to play with you!!!

Jujubee – The response has been absolutely amazing! We cannot wait!

SG –  Can you tell us what’s in store for us in terms of your performances on 24th February?

Jujubee – I can’t speak for Raven, but I surely haven’t even started packing yet! It’s Sunday before we leave for the UK!

Raven – It will be a lip sync extravaganza! I am not much of a dancer. But I can promise tons of make up and grace and beauty!!! As far as the songs I have chosen…you have to show up and see!

Raven serving 1940s pinup 

SG – How has drag changed since you appeared on RPDR S2 in 2010?

Raven – OH MY GOSH!!! It has changed completely!!! Everyone wants to do drag now and being compared to a drag queen (for someone who isn’t) is now considered a compliment! RuPaul’s Drag Race has helped to set a precedent for what most up and coming queens aspire to be. Getting in the show has become a right of passage and a lot of the queens look to a contestant or two for inspiration!

Jujubee – My life has been a whirlwind of everything. I am having so much fun and living the best life. Raven and I have remained friends and I have RuPaul’s Drag Race to thank.

SG – Your lipsync to Robyn’s ‘Dancing on my Own’ on RPDR All Stars 1 was off the hook. How emotional was that to go head to head against each other?

Raven – Thank you! It was very emotional, for sure. I will say that it was the toughest challenge, BY FAR, that I ever had to face while competing on RuPaul’s Drag Race. I would do it all over again, if I had to…compete, that is. But to lip sync against Juju…NOPE!

Jujubee – Lip syncing against Raven was one of the hardest lip syncs ever. It was never something either of us imagined would happen. I’m glad we shared that moment.

SG – You guys not only appear on WOW videos but perform all over the world. How do you keep your looks so fresh and new?

Raven – This is actually my first time out of the country. I do work 5 nights a week when home and have traveled to every corner, nook and cranny of the U.S. My creativity helps to keep me on top of keeping things new. I spend more than I make and always try to change things up. My love and passion for drag is what keeps my creative juices flowing and turning out new looks all the time.

Jujubee – Who’s pictures are you looking at? 😭 My looks are so 2013.

SG – What advice would you give to new queens who are just starting out?

Raven – Keep your head out of the clouds. Just because you may dress fierce and feel like it does not mean you have to act like a bitch. Be humble. Wait in lines if you have to. Be able to pay for your own drinks. Don’t get the idea that you may be a fierce queen and everything should be handed to you. It’s then that you may walk up to the bouncer and say, “do you know who I am?” And they look at you, laugh and say get back in line! Also, blend your make up and wash your tights!

Jujubee – I would say they should follow their heart, but bring their heads along. Drag can be very expensive and also physically demanding. Give 100% all the time and create a character and idea using the most inspiring aspects of yourself.

SG – What’s the strangest thing that’s happened to you guys at a meet & greet?

Raven – I often find it strange when people cry. I just don’t see myself as someone to cry over.

Jujubee – It wasn’t so strange, but we drew on each other’s faces in with permanent marker once. 🙊

Jujubee serving cakes at her last Glasgow performance. Photo by Crawford

SG – Do you guys think there is an age limit on drag? Would you still like to be performing at 80 in drag, for instance?

Jujubee – There is no age limit to drag. I’m unsure if I’d do drag in my 80s, but if Lady Bunny can do it still, we all can!!

Raven – As long as there is lipstick left in the world and you have a passion for it, do it! I know plenty of fierce queens STILL in the bizz and approaching 60! I will be there one day!

SG –  Who is the most famous person who have proclaimed their love for you since appearing on Drag Race?

Raven – There have been way too many! EVERYBODY LOVES RAVEN!!!

Jujubee – LADY BUNNY!!! I flipped out when I met her. FLIPPED OUT.

SG – What will 2017 bring for Raven and Jujubee?

Raven – Well, for me…I finally get to travel abroad and have the gigs lining up!!!!!!

Jujubee – For me, hopefully new costumes.

Interview by Gordon Penman for SickeningGlasgow

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