Prepare to be gagged by GORGE, the new glam club night that combines avant-garde style with great music to bring one deliciously extravagant club event to the city.

We caught up with the ever glamorous Guillotina Munter to find out what GORGE is all about.


SG: Tell us why you decided to create Gorge?

GM: We created Gorge as we all felt that there was now a distinct gap in the market for the kind of nights that we all used to love going to – clubs where went specifically to glam up and dance.
I think it’s great that in a large part to our efforts we’ve managed to spawn such a fertile performance culture and drag scene in Glasgow and in wider Scotland that simply wasn’t there prior to Menergy, really. But with the expansion and proliferation of cabaret events, we’ve seen the converse happen with nights like Utter Gutter, Death Disco, etc. It doesn’t help that great, legendary venues like The Arches have closed down. For a lot of young alt queers, they’ll have no experience of just being able to step out in drag to go dancing. We want to really bring that fun element back to drag CLUBBING, with no shows and a focus on really good music.


SG: When and where is it?

GM: It’s going to be this Friday 24th March at the Berkeley Suite on North Street, next to the Mitchell Library, downstairs from Chinaskis, from 11-3. We felt it was important to throw the event in a non-scene venue. It’s a bit of a tradition with alt-queer events that they’re off-scene, not because the scene is bad or anything (I work in it often enough and enjoy it), but if you’re trying to mark yourself as being different then you really do need to take it to alternative spaces.

The lady is not for turning…unless its turning out a fantastic alt club night. Munter is the queen of GORGE

SG: Is this a one off night or will it be a permanent fixture on the Glasgow scene?

GM: Jon, Fraser, Bonner and I have wanted to do a night together for the longest time. Our main focus really is on throwing a really FUN party, first and foremost. If there’s an appetite for more, then that’s certainly something we’d be open to. We’re going to have to see how the first one goes, really. There’s no guarantee of any more, so if you’re reading this and swithering about whether to come or not, come!

SG: What will set Gorge apart from the many events in Glasgow?

GM:We’re placing ourselves alongside other great nights like our own Bonner’s Shoot Your Shot, those at the Art School, DILF, Hot Mess, but the main thing that sets us apart are the focus on glamming up to go out dancing. We’re in an amazingly sumptuous venue, it’s the kind of place you WANT to be photographed in your finery in!



SG: Is there a dress code at Gorge?

GM: There isn’t a dress code as that’s restrictive and a bit naff, but we do encourage you to glam up if you do desire. And we’re not an exclusively drag, or even gay night. We’ve made a point of making it a mixed night as those have always been the best club nights. Just do you.

SG: Where can we buy tickets for the event?

GM: You can get advanced tickets at http://buytickets.at/gorge

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