House of Saynt Live @ Drury Bar

Sunday June 25th The Drury Bar in Glasgow plays host to the absolutely incredible House of Saynt. SickeningGlasgow caught up with the patriarch himself, Christopher, to tell us all about the event. Oh and just because the House of Saynt are incredible in every way, they have given us exclusive details of an upcoming event.
1. For those of us not in the know, who are the crazy characters that make up the House of Saynt?
There are many folk who make up House of Saynt. Our resident Queens are Frans Gender, Ann Phetamine and Violet Grace. All of whom are very unique in what they do and are fast rising within the UK drag scene. Our wrestlers are rather different. First there is me who can be considered an old school wrestler. Theo Doros who has been making a name for himself throughout the UK, Big Ross (my head of security) has just started in the wrestling world but is set for great things. Sierra Loxton and Visage (our two sponsored athletes) are very different in that Visage is our reisdent supermodel and Sierra is our witch and freaky princess
2. We wanna know everything about your upcoming event. When is it? Where is it? And when can we see attractive guys in tight shorts?
Our next event is this Sunday and is being held at Drury Bar. Doors open at 7pm and we may have some folk wearing tight clothes but you’ll have to be there to find out.
3. Do we need tickets for the event?
No tickets required as its totally free!!!
4. So we’ve never been to a wrestling match before. What can we expect?
For a wrestling show, expect a lot of drama and aggression wrapped up in an athletic contest like no other. No other sport brings such entertainment as wrestling.
5. We hear through the gay grapevine that you guys have some amazing events lined up in the coming months?
We do indeed. Obviously we have our event this Sunday and we have our first gaming tournament on July 16th in Megabytes where we will have fans taking on wrestlers in a one off tournament. In August we have our Yearly pageant and this year we have 15 girls all fighting for the crown

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