A Year of Feeling Triggered!



Word & Images: Simon Crawford

TRIGGER is a proLGBT+ weekly variety show housed in AXM, one of Glasgow’s favourite queer spaces, right in the heart of Glasgow’s Merchant City.

Celebrating a year at AXM, 52 weeks of showcasing the very best in drag, they are a collective wholly dedicated to the arts and Glasgow’s creative industries. All money from the weekly ticket sales goes straight to all of the incredible creative people involved in running the show and performing.

Always on the look out for something new and happy to offer their stage to up-and-coming UK talent, Trigger aims to push the boundaries of being just another ‘drag night’.

As their resident photographer, Crawford has been witness to some of Scottish drags fiercest performers, so here at Sickening we though it only fitting that he got to interview the creators of Trigger; Carrie Ann Crow and her partner-in-crime Sean Gallogley

The Trigger residents support Kim Chi during her recent performance in AXM

Crawford (Cr)- First off, Happy Birthday, it’s hard to believe it’s been a year at AXM already!

What have you got planned to celebrate?

Sean Gallogley (SG) – Thank you so much! It somehow feels like just a couple of months ago we started, but at the same time I can’t remember what life was like before TRIGGER.

Carrie Ann Crow (CC)- We’ve got a super fun night planned for our birthday show, on July 6th! Each of our residents is performing an iconic number by one of the other residents. It’s going to either be hilarious or total chaos and I can’t wait! Like drag queen swap shop!

SG – We’ve also got a diva’s night on Saturday, July 8th, which I think will be every bit as camp as it sounds.

CC – We’ve got Crystal Lubrikunt coming up later on the month (July 20th) which is sure to be incredible. I’ve worked with Crystal I think two or three times in Edinburgh, and she always blows my tits off, but this is the first time I’m getting to work with her on my home turf, so needless to say, I am buzzing!

SG – AXM also has RPDR season 9’s Nina Bonina Brown and all stars winner Alaska performing at the club!

CC – Not for our birthday obviously, But we’re pretty excited.

Carrie Ann Crow(‘s breasts)

Cr – We interviewed you last year before you relocated. What made you move venues, why AXM and how have things changed since you moved?

CC – Things have gotten so much better since we moved. It means the world to be part of a team that values the work we do and actually supports us.

SG – Our last venue wasn’t a good fit. They basically gave us a big empty hall  and expected us to fill it, didn’t pay us, didn’t help with marketing or advertising, charged me for the use of their resources.

CC – Then to top it off there were literal hate crimes committed against our patrons, which admittedly wasn’t the venues fault, but nevertheless, the location just wasn’t right.

SG – We decided to re-home Trigger on the day of the last show at the previous venue. There were other avenues and offers open, but for us it had to be AXM.

CC – I’ve never really felt at home anywhere else. I always felt I should look a certain way or behave a certain way, whereas at AXM I just feel free to have fun.

Cr – A weekly drag show is a big job, how have you guys managed to balance your passion for it with day-to-day commitments?

CC – WOW! It’s been tough, and don’t get me wrong, there have been times that it’s really gotten the better of me. Life itself, with “boy-jobs” is hard enough as it is, don’t you think? Sean and I have moved flat twice in the last 6 months, Sean has changed jobs twice, in the last year, we’ve got a puppy, Parsnip and he is the cutest, but even he takes up so much time. All of that on top of trying to make time for one another, make time for our families, plus run a weekly show, PLUS the various other events and nights that pop up in AXM and so on, really takes its tole.

SG – It takes its tole on all of us, some of us juggle uni and work with trigger, while others perform 5-6 times a week, sometimes every night. Obviously, exhausting as it is, I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but that’s why it means so much to me that people really get behind us. We’re here to entertain you, so get out there and support your local scene.

Ann Phetimine


Cr – Looking back, since its birth, what would you say have been the biggest highlights?

CC – I couldn’t possibly pick one. As far as events go, I think TRIGGER vs The Rabbit Hole Back in April or May was probably my absolute favourite. The club (AXM) was jumping and everyone loved the show. TRIGGER vs Klub Kids was a lot of fun too. We absolutely love the Newcastle klub kids, so anytime they come to town is an absolute blast.

SG – AXM took us to Newcastle to go see Latrice, Alyssa, Tatianna, Raven, JujuBee, and Katya for the klub kids extravaganza which was incredible.

CC – Supporting Tatianna, Raven and Jujubee, Kim Chi, Trinity Taylor, Aja, any of the drag race events really! It’s always a really amazing feeling for me seeing the crowd go wild for the TRIGGER girls so I’ve literally got too many highlights to count.

I think silly as it sounds, the relationship I’ve been able to build and the time that get to spend with the rest of the trigger family, and the team at AXM is a huge highlight for me.

SG – If you like the people you work with it’s half the battle and we absolute love our f*cked up family.

Cr – When I moved here to Glasgow just over two years ago, there was already a small drag scene but what do you think about the recent explosion of drag nights?

And what puts Trigger apart/ahead of them?

CC – I think it’s amazing! Personally, I think the more Glasgow drag grows and spreads the better. I know that there are people in the community who think that drag is so diluted in Glasgow, with the amount of shows and queens, but Reba (Martell) said it best, it’s saturated, not diluted. We have such a diverse and talented scene, so why not. As far as I’m concerned any successes by any of the Glasgow queens is a success for the community. The more we all continue to elevate the standard and awareness of the drag culture in Glasgow, the better it will be for everyone.

I certainly wouldn’t want to put us ahead of anyone else. I think we’re really just here to entertain and have fun. The thing that makes TRIGGER special for me at least is the connection the queens have with one another and the connection we have with the audience. I think there are arguably more conceptual and artistic queens out there, but Divina De Campo taught us there’s a difference between performing and entertaining which made me step back and look at my performances and ask “am I doing this cause it’s what I want to do or cause it’s something the audience would enjoy?”

SG – There’s something different and equally amazing at all of the shows in Glasgow, so you really do have to get out and see it all.

Sean Gallogley

Cr – As you guys know, I’ve had the pleasure of documenting the show (almost) every week, it’s been amazing to see the Trigger family growing over this last year. 

You’ve recently expanded the night to cover one Saturday a month, as well as supporting any RuPauls Drag Race alumni that come to perform. That must feel amazing, so what have you got in store for us for Year Two and beyond?

SG – It really is amazing. Running a late show midweek can be a challenge, so having these opportunities to see the girls do what they do at the weekend, and in front of the audiences that drag race stars bring in, is a great.

CC – We’ve got an amazing pride lined up with season 9 Miss Congeniality, or Miss fan favourite if ya nasty, Valentina, and we’ve also got Latrice Royale.

SG – Halloween is gonna be a scream too! (That was bad, sorry)

CC – We’re looking to reintroduce the live music/cabaret aspect of TRIGGER, which was of course a huge element of the original format of the show. I’m looking forward to it, because some of our girls, Frans Gender and Ann Phetimine for example are great singers. We’re currently just figuring out logistics of it, so watch this space. Aside from that, we’re just going to continue having a blast, so hope many more people come along and join in the fun.

Cr- Any final words before we wrap things up?

CC+SG – #cometaeTRIGGER

TRIGGER is every Thursday at AXM Glasgow. Door open from 10pm, £3 entry and drinks starting from £1.50. 18+ only.

Trigger’s Divas Through the Decades show, this Saturday (08/07/17) at AXM Glasgow


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