Make Them Eat It: SCHWEIN

Images by Crawford

We continue our Make Them Eat It series by making you all gag, this month with Sebastian Evans; an actor, model and HIV activist. As part of his work for HIV awareness he has written for BeyondPositive, been interviewed by and featured on videos for Porn4Prep and more.
Sickening’s resident photographer Simon Crawford was lucky enough to spend a long weekend showing the gorgeous Seb a little of what Glasgow had to offer.
As well as checking out the busy city centre, the two boys popped across on Saturday 8th July to Trigger‘s ‘Diva’s Through the Decades‘ at AXM Glasgow, featuring fierce Scottish queens.

Once the weekend’s hangovers were well and truly beaten (with a dose of Glasgow cuisine) they produced the sexy AF images below.
You can follow Seb on his Twitter: @SebEvansXXX (NSFW). You can see more photos of Seb on his Instagram: @SebEvansofficial (NSFW)

TOM H 001-CROPTOM H 024-edit

TOM H 026-editTOM H 022-editTOM H 002-editTOM H 008-editTOM H 010-editTOM H 011-editTOM H 006-editTOM H 035-editTOM H 034-editTOM H 031-edit

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