Make Them Eat It: MDMJ

Words and Images: Simon Crawford

The latest handsome young gentleman to get the Make Them Eat It is Jay McPhee.
A friend of Sickening Glasgow since the beginning, Jay has been both supporting Glasgow’s LGBT+ scene and, more recently, performing as alter-ego MDMJ.

His most recent solo performances at Trigger in AXM Glasgow went down a storm (images can be found here) and he’s planning to appear there as a regular guest.

Besides his love of gaming, napping, coffee and cuddles, Jay enjoys showing off, dancing, taking off his clothes and getting inked as often as possible.

Check out the images from his afternoon with Crawford below.

JAY MTEI_BW_001-smallJAY MTEI_BW_002-smallJAY MTEI_BW_003-smallJAY MTEI_BW_004-smallJAY MTEI_BW_005-smallJAY MTEI_BW_006-smallJAY MTEI_BW_007-smallJAY MTEI_BW_008-smallJAY MTEI_BW_009-smallJAY MTEI_BW_010-smallJAY MTEI_BW_011-smallJAY MTEI_BW_012-smallJAY MTEI_BW_013-smallJAY MTEI_BW_014-smallJAY MTEI_BW_015-smallJAY MTEI_BW_016-small

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