Make Them Eat It – Greg

Words: Gordon Penman      Images: Simon Crawford

Glasgow, say hello to the Polish adonis that is Grzegorz Bijoch (aka Greg.) A personal trainer and fitness model, Greg loves fitness and pushes his clients to the limits to achieve their fitness goals (believe me, I know!!) As well as being one of Glasgow’s top trainers he also happens to be one of the most down to earth, easy going people I have had the pleasure to get to know. He pushes his clients hard while at the same time puts them at ease with his charm and good nature. Definitely worth investing in his services!!

Greg is SickeningGlasgow‘s newest contributor, bringing you all you need to know about diet, fitness and motivation techniques. He is based at The Gym Group, Jamaica Street, Glasgow and his details are listed below. Get in touch with him for some intensely rewarding personal training sessions (come on, you know we all love the sesh!!)

Thanks Greg for Making us Eat It!!

Grzegorz Bijoch Personal Training



GREG MTEI_001-smallGREG MTEI_002-smallGREG MTEI_003-smallGREG MTEI_004-smallGREG MTEI_005-smallGREG MTEI_006-smallGREG MTEI_007-smallGREG MTEI_008-smallGREG MTEI_009-smallGREG MTEI_010-small

GREG MTEI_016-small.jpgGREG MTEI_011-smallGREG MTEI_013-small

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