Make Them Eat (Cake) – Ross & Anthony

It’s a two-for-one Summer deal.
This time for Make Them Eat It we’ve got the sexy pairing of Ross and Anthony.
These guys just ooze sexiness and them & Crawford had a great time shooting this series.
Check out all the photos below and see things get messy!


MTEI R&A_028-editMTEI R&A_015-editMTEI R&A_003-editMTEI R&A_019-editMTEI R&A_014-editMTEI R&A_020-editMTEI R&A_006-editMTEI R&A_021-editMTEI R&A_022-editMTEI R&A_042-editMTEI R&A_038-editMTEI R&A_037-editMTEI R&A_039-editMTEI R&A_034-editMTEI R&A_053-editMTEI R&A_051-editMTEI R&A_055-editMTEI R&A_058-editMTEI R&A_062MTEI R&A_065-editMTEI R&A_067-editMTEI R&A_047-editMTEI R&A_068-edit

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