MEGAbytes is Glasgow’s biggest gaming cafe and can be found just off the beaten track behind the St Enoch Centre next door to Slaters Menswear.
John is just one member of a team that believe that diversity and inclusion make the fabric of Glasgow’s rich tapestry!

MEGAbytes is a welcoming place and an interest in video games isn’t required! Anyone of any age can come in for a chat, to relax, to play any of our video/board/card games or try a wealth of drinks and snack made on site.

Their mantra is “Eat, Play, Escape” and the cafe has become a haven for kids and adults who have felt as if they don’t belong. Gender, race, orientation and age provide the variety of living which is embraced here and encouraged through the many events that take place.
The gaming tournaments are open to everyone with the last Mario Kart tournament being won by a 9 year old! Cards Against Humanity nights are played with some light-hearted comedy routines.


The cafe has also encouraged aspiring and working artists to display their work which has seen positive results for the community as there are so many creative people out there just waiting for a chance to show off what the can make!

MEGAbytes provides a welcoming space as our customers have felt that there are no boundaries or limits to what is accepted in terms of being a human being (something that is politically debated ad nauseam). Customers feel relaxed socially and open within this space to honest and open with how they identify. The staff alone cover most bases be it gay/gender-fluid/non-binary/bisexual!

Megabytes Glasgow
169 Howard Street
G1 4HF
Facebook: /MEGAbytesglasgow
Twitter: MB_glasgow

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