Make Them Eat It – Frans Gender

Anyone who’s been to see a drag performance in Glasgow will be aware of Frans Gender.

Out of drag, Jamie is just as fabulous. Dripping in humour, style & just plain brilliant.

SG might be total fangirls.

Might be.

Enjoy the latest Make Them Eat It installment, shot by Crawford.

You can catch Frans performing, hosting and channelling her inner Fashionista Trashbag every Wednesday at Katie’s Bar and as a resident queen at Trigger in AXM Glasgow.


MTEI FRANS_001-editMTEI FRANS_002-editMTEI FRANS_005-editMTEI FRANS_006-editMTEI FRANS_011-editMTEI FRANS_016-editMTEI FRANS_018-editMTEI FRANS_020-editMTEI FRANS_021-editMTEI FRANS_023-editMTEI FRANS_024-editMTEI FRANS_027-editMTEI FRANS_028-editMTEI FRANS_029-editMTEI FRANS_030-editMTEI FRANS_031-editMTEI FRANS_032-editMTEI FRANS_035-edit

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