Make Them Eat It: The Patriarch

Words & Images: Simon Crawford

Welcome to the newest edition of Make Them Eat It, this time featuring some Sporting Goods…

Meet Christopher Saynt, patriarch of the House of Saynt , established 2016. Host of ‘The Show Downstairs’ and the ‘Miss House of Saynt Pageant’.
Scotland’s first openly gay wrestler he’s also patron of LEAP sports, a charity to promote sport to LGBT kids and young adults, while also combating any homophobia within sport.

The Show Downstairs opens on the 13th November in it’s new home; Katie’s Bar, Glasgow. Check out their page for news about the night and details of performers.

He popped in to Sickening HQ for a cuppa and to show off his wrestling moves, check out the results below.

Oh, and his favourite colour is blue he LOVES Anastacia (who doesn’t, right?)

MTEI SAYNT_001-editMTEI SAYNT_002-editMTEI SAYNT_005-editMTEI SAYNT_006-editMTEI SAYNT_007-editMTEI SAYNT_008-editMTEI SAYNT_009-editMTEI SAYNT_010-editMTEI SAYNT_011-editMTEI SAYNT_013-edit

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