Glasgow’s number one LGBT blog dedicated to everything drag, night life and general fabulousness that the city’s gay scene has to offer. The city is brimming with amazing venues, cool party animals and amazing drag talent and SickeningGlasgow is here to guide you through the glitz, glamour and sickening beauty that the scene has to offer. Here at SickeningGlasgow you will find an intoxicating mix of LGBT articles, news and features on upcoming club events, exclusive photo shoots, interviews with local queens, health and fitness advice, entertainment reviews and personal advice that only a drag queen can give; by spilling the T.


Our philosophy here at SickeningGlasgow is that we want to showcase Scottish writers, artists, club promoters and drag talent. And we want YOU to contact us with work that you would like to have featured on the website.

For more information or to submit your work please contact sickeningglasgow@yahoo.co.uk

Keep up with all the sickening action via our social media sites:

Facebook – SickeningGlasgow

Twitter – @sickeningGLW

Instagram – @sickeningglasgow

Tumblr – SickeningGlasgow

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